The Hunt for Magic and Reason

Life borders on fantasy in the daring and true story of the surveillance and secret video-taping of Carlos Castaneda, one of the most reclusive writers of the sixties and a self-proclaimed sorcerer. Augmented with over 120 photographs and other archival material, this unauthorized first-hand account of Gaby Geuter's unusual involvement with the "real" Carlos during the last years of his life allows a rare glimpse into his controversial world. It also adds the missing face to the famous man, whose Don Juan inspired a generation, yet managed to stay in the shadows for over forty years.

How to catch a sorcerer on videotape is not what Gaby Geuter had in mind when Carlos Castaneda crossed her path in 1993 and she grabbed on to his energetic tail for a ride that lasted five years.

Haunted by the scent of memories of a time hopelessly lost, Gaby searched for answers to life's mysteries. On this path she encounters, rather unexpectedly, the man who claims to be the master of alternate realities. For the first time in her life she believes herself at the gateway to deeper knowledge.

She is invited to Carlos Castaneda's private teachings, the "Magical Passes", but soon she hungers for more. Her struggle over the difference between reality and perception turns into a hunt for magic and reason, inciting her to secretly track the self-proclaimed sorcerer to his home.

In a twist of irony, the teacher becomes the subject of his own teachings, and Gaby the unintentional witness to the final years of Castaneda's life. An unspoken agreement allows her to watch from a distance without his knowledge. Being a true follower, she leads the double life of sifting through the sorcerer's trash for clues and videotaping his public coming and goings, all the while attending his classes and lectures. 

During the clandestine preparations for the final departure of the ill master, and the sobering months of his inglorious end, she discovers the answers she is looking for inside of herself. It is the beginning of a dialog with the Mysterious that ends in a realization of almost unbearable simplicity.

At once suspenseful and lyrical, touching and ironic, this spiritual detective story is the ballad of one woman's bold quest of finding the road home.